Celebrating Milestones with Amber and Indy

Celebrating Milestones with Amber and Indy
Celebrating Milestones with Amber and Indy

In the world of Amber and Indy, life is a tapestry of moments, each one celebrated and cherished. As weeks passed by, these two furry companions reached several milestones, making their journey all the more rewarding.

  1. Supporting State of Origin: Amber and Indy proudly donned their Maroon and Blue jerseys to support their respective teams during the State of Origin series. Queensland emerged victorious, much to their delight.
  2. Overcoming Car Ride Fears: Indy, once a car-ride skeptic, has made remarkable progress. He now sits comfortably in his little car seat beside Amber. While he may never truly love car rides, he tolerates them with enthusiasm, knowing that exciting destinations await.
  3. A Full Recovery for Amber: Amber encountered a minor setback when she had to visit the emergency room due to a raw bone obstruction. However, she made a complete recovery and returned to her joyful self. Not only is she fluttering her “Wings of Amber” once more, but she’s also developed a newfound fondness for crunchy raw carrot treats.
  4. Indy’s Triumph Over Meningitis: Indy faced a challenging diagnosis of meningitis, requiring a course of Prednisone. Over a six-month period, his daily dosage gradually reduced, and he’s now down to 1.5mg a day, marking the final stretch of his recovery journey. If all goes as planned, he might bid farewell to Prednisone in just a couple of months. The old, cheeky Indy is back in full force, spreading his playful spirit.

To commemorate these heartwarming milestones, Amber and Indy enjoyed a leisurely stroll under the warm winter sun at Forest Lake. In their world, life is indeed all good.

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