Choosing Ethical Alternatives for Your Pets with ‘The Complete Pet Company

Choosing Ethical Alternatives for Your Pets with 'The Complete Pet Company
Choosing Ethical Alternatives for Your Pets with ‘The Complete Pet Company

As we become increasingly conscious of our ecological footprint and the impact of our daily choices, our focus extends beyond our well-being to include the environment and the animals that share our planet. Many people are embracing a lifestyle transformation, not only to reduce chronic diseases but also to address the rising prevalence of such issues in our beloved pets. Pet owners are beginning to question conventional pet care, health, and training methods. They are gravitating toward a more natural, holistic, and ethical approach whenever possible.

The media is buzzing with terms like “Grain-free,” “Human Grade,” “Organic,” “Free Range,” “Raw,” “Positive Reinforcement,” “Clicker Training,” “Titre Testing,” and discussions on “Over Vaccinating,” “Bark Collars,” “Citronella Collars,” and “Head Halters.” Amid the information overload, it can be challenging to discern what truly qualifies as natural, holistic, and ethical for your pet.

This is where “The Complete Pet Company” steps in. Their unwavering commitment to transforming the pet care landscape has introduced a holistic, ethical alternative. Founded by Jenny Golsby and her partner Graham in Brisbane, Queensland, this initiative takes a stand against factory farming, offering “The Complete Meal” – the best raw, organic, natural, and free-range dog food on the market. Moreover, it’s 100% horse meat-free, ensuring an ethical choice for pet nutrition.

“The Complete Meal” is a raw, frozen dog and cat food that excludes colorings, preservatives, or flavorings, prioritizing your pet’s health and well-being. Their product range includes chicken, goat, kangaroo, turkey, and beef options, tailored to cater to your pet’s specific dietary needs. Whether you have large or small dogs, they offer 2kg rolls and conveniently packaged 20 x 100g sausages, with prices starting from $22.00. For cats, their offerings include chicken, kangaroo/beef, and kangaroo options, provided in 1kg packs of 10 x 100g patties, starting at $15.50. They also offer a range of raw bones in beef, chicken, kangaroo, lamb, and turkey, individually frozen in 1kg packs, priced from $9.50.

But “The Complete Pet Company” doesn’t stop at food. Jenny Golsby is an expert in canine communication, offering a holistic approach to understanding your dog’s behavior. Jenny, a certified Advanced Canine Communicator, can teach you the art of silent listening and observation. Without traditional training methods, commands, clickers, correctional collars, force, or bribery, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your furry companion. The “Complete Canine Communication” program includes dog and puppy classes, two-day workshops, and one-on-one home consultations, with a special focus on helping rescue dogs adapt to their new homes.

In addition to their extensive food and communication services, “The Complete Pet Company” boasts a retail store and an online cart in Keperra. They offer a wide range of products, including homeopathy, Bush Flower Essences, DoTERRA Essential Oils, herbs, treats, poultry and small animal feed, bedding, and harnesses – all proudly Australian owned and made.

In conclusion, “The Complete Pet Company” is a beacon for ethical, holistic, and natural pet care. Their dedication and passion for transforming the pet care landscape serve as an inspiration for every pet owner to make more conscious choices. Join the movement towards a healthier, more ethical approach to pet care.

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